Implementing strategies to grow, scale, change and evolve

Businesses set up advisory boards to provide ongoing strategic advice, perspectives on complex problems or expertise to fill critical gaps in their core team. Unified Commerce’s founder, Shane Lenton, is an advisor who gives businesses the insights they need to create and capitalise on opportunities to disrupt, or turn disruption from a threat into an opportunity for success.

His knowledge, experience, learnings and connections are valued by business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to scale and grow their companies. He has extensive experience advising and guiding both large and small organisations, ranging from established brands and retailers, through to tech providers and startups.

Shane’s track-record of delivering industry-leading and awarded solutions for his clients gives him cutting-edge business insights and perspectives. That means he can advise you on the right strategies and solutions for your business transformation and help forge the right connections and partnerships to enable your success. With deep relationships across many of the world’s best and brightest companies, Shane helps build technology ecosystems that deliver the engaging experiences your customers now expect.

Shane is a member of the advisory boards for Shippit, Brauz, Scopesuite and Insider. He also participates in customer advisory groups for Australia Post, ParcelPoint, NORA, Online Retailer and iMedia’s Online Retail and Brand summits.

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